Open Gym

Brookfield location only


Ages: first grade through high school

Admission               $12.00

                         Current Students     $8.00


           You must have a signed waiver to participate.

     Participants are reccommended to wear a face mask. 

    Please bring your own water bottle. Our bubbler is available to refill bottles only, no drinking from it. We also have some water available to purchase.


Saturdays:  1:30pm-3:00pm 



General Rules

  1. SPACE IS LIMITED – parents should wait to ensure their child has gotten in to the open gym before leaving
  2. 10 min. warm up
  3. NO running in the gym (except for when tumbling)
  4. Land in the foam pit ONLY on your feet or seat
  5. Make sure foam pit is clear of people & objects before entering
  6. NO flipping off the net or rope
  7. Spotting is to be done by coaches ONLY (No spots by parents or other gymnasts allowed)
  8. Check for proper matting before using equipment
  9. NEVER dismount off apparatus onto anything but landing mats
  10. NO hanging on the bars by only your knees
  11. DO NOT try new skills at “Open Gym”  - work on skills you know and are able to do


Trampoline Rules

  1. Supervision is required when bouncing on trampolines
  2. ONE person at a time on trampolines
  3. Jump in the middle of the trampoline (NO bouncing off wall)
  4. NO flipping on the trampoline
  5. WALK off of the trampoline.  (Do NOT bounce off)
  6. Jump on ONE trampoline at a time – NO jumping back and forth between trampolines


Pit Rules

  1. NEVER use foam pit without supervision of coach or instructor
  2. NEVER enter the foam pit head first (jump in on feet or seat ONLY)
  3. DO NOT “hang out” in foam pits; once you jump in, leave the foam pit promptly so the next person can jump in
  4. All foam cubes must stay inside the foam pit
  5. The foam is NOT to be torn into small pieces
  6.  Training foam pits, regardless of size, type, and quality, are NOT a failsafe to serious injury


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