At Home Activities

Here are some activities you can do at home to help stay active when not at gymnastics classes! 


Tiny Tots:


Neighborhood Eye Spy
Now mind you - Wisconsin weather needs to be kind to us for this one!  Make a list of different objects you might see in a neighborhood.  Bundle up and go for a walk, crossing off the objects as you spot them!
Indoor Obstacle Courses
Grab all of your pillows, couch cushions, ect and make an obstacle course.  The kids will LOVE this.  Kids ages 4-6 can even help you build it!   You can time older kiddos to see if they can improve how quickly they can complete it!   
Animal Walks
Describe animals to your kiddos - have them guess what animal you are describing, then have them walk around the house the way that animal walks!
Get creative with your sidewalk chalk!   Make a hopscotch on the driveway or sidewalk - again, get creative!   Have your kids help design the hopscotch!
Balance Beam
Your child can practice balancing without an actual beam! Use painters tape or masking tape to create lines for your kids to walk on.  Depending on their age, they can walk forward, sideways, backwards, on their tip toes, ect.  Weather permitting, you could also draw different line patterns with sidewalk chalk outside on the driveway.  
Balloon Toss
So simple yet so fun!   Play with your kiddos - see how many times you can hit it before it touches the ground!


Driveway Chutes and Ladders

Use sidewalk chalk to make a life size Chutes & Ladders Game.   You can draw “ladders” and “slides” on some of the numbers, just like on the board game!   Just use dice from one of your board games to see how many spaces to move.  You and your kids can be “live” game pieces.   So fun! 


Have your kiddo be the wheelbarrow – you can hold on to their feet and walk them around the yard!  This is sooo great for kiddos to work on strong, straight arms and upper body strength!

Red Light Green Light

An oldie but a goodie!  You can make it harder by asking them to jump, hop or skip rather than walking towards you.

Simon Says

Simon can ask the kiddos to do a forward roll, or hop on one foot, or do a lunge handstand.  This of course would be geared more towards 4-6 year old.

First Grade and Up:

13 Around the House Activities:


1. Crab walk around house 3x
2. Holding a headstand for 20 seconds while doing crazy leg positions.
3. 10 straddle jumps or tuck jumps with a stick finish
4. Handstand against wall
5. Run in place for 1 minute
6. Time yourself holding a V long can you do it?
7. Bridge hold and hold up each leg for 10 seconds
8. 10 levers in a row
9. Hold foot in passé (toe to knee) and close your eyes - how long can you balance?
10. 50 jumping jacks
11. 30 jumps over a safe object
12. 50 jump ropes
13.  Practice your splits, pancakes, and pike stretches for 30 sec to 1 minute each day.


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