Frequently Asked Questions

What class should I register my child for?

      If your child is not yet in first grade, he/she would be in our Tiny Tot program

      Classes  in this program are based on age.


      If your child is in first grade, or higher, he/she would register for our Developmental 

      Program.  Classes in this program are based on skill level.  If your child has some

      gymnastics experience on regular sized equipment and is first grade or higher, we

      recommend that you bring them in for a skill test.  In a skill test, one of our instructors

      will evaluate your child’s abilities and make a recommendation.  To schedule a skill

      test, please contact our Brookfield office at (262)782-3430.  You may take classes at

      either location based on the skill test results.


      In our Tumbling/Cheer program, the beginner class is for students who are 8

      years or older, with little tumbling experience.  Progressions to the intermediate or

      advanced classes are by teacher recommendation only.  For more information, please

      contact our office.

What should my child wear to class?

All clothing should be free of buttons or zippers. No jewelry should be worn during classes (stud earrings are okay).  If eyeglasses are worn, be sure they are securely fastened. Feet should be bare.


Tiny Tots: T-shirt and shorts with no buttons, snaps or zippers.  Girls may wear a leotard if they wish.  Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail.  No socks or shoes in the gym.


Girls: leotard (with or without shorts/leggings), unitard (with the shorts attached to the leotard), or t-shirt and shorts/leggings (shirt must be tucked in at all times during class), and bare feet. Hair long enough to get in the eyes must be pulled back and secured by ponytail, barrettes or bobby pins.

Boys: T-shirt with shorts/gym pants (shirts must be tucked in at all times during class) and bare feet. Hair long enough to get in the eyes must be pulled back and secured.


How long are the classes?

Tiny Tots – All classes in our Tiny Tot Program are 40 minutes long, except

                   Babynastics, which is 30 minutes (West gym only)

Girls Developmental

Superkids – Level 4 are 50 minutes long

Level 5 – 8 are 1 hour 20 minutes long

Boys Developmental

Superkids – Level 3 are 50 minutes long

Levels 4 and 5 are 1 hour 20 minutes long

Cheer/Tumble/Acro – All Cheer/Tumble/Acro classes are 50 minutes long

How do I register?

You can register online through the Parent Portal. Payment is due in full when the  registration is processed. In the event of a past due account, a $25 late fee will be added to your balance.

How does my child move to the next level?

Progression in our Tiny Tot program is based on age.

Progression in our Developmental and Cheer/Tumbling, and NinjaZone programs are based on skill level.  Each level in the Developmental, Cheer/Tumbling, and NinjaZine programs has a set of skills that must be mastered before your child is ready to move to the next level.  Your child will receive a progress report that shows what skills they have mastered and what still needs to be worked on.  Mastering all of the skills in each level usually takes multiple sessions.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please contact his/her instructor.

What is my role as a parent?

  1. Communicate with your child’s instructor or coach.  We encourage communication between teacher and parent. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher by phone; Brookfield – 262-782-3430, Waukesha 262-549-3344 or direct your questions to the office. We encourage you to share any and all ideas you might have for our program. Our program cannot grow unless there is open communication between teacher and parent.
  2. Let the instructor do the teaching. We ask that you do not coach your child from the sidelines as this only serves to distract your child and disrupt the flow of the class.
  3. Keep siblings occupied. Only those students who are participating in a class are permitted in the gym.
  4. Be on time for class beginning/ending. Gymnasts should be picked up when their class is over. We are not responsible for them before or after their scheduled class time.
  5. Check with your child for handouts. Also, be sure to read the signs posted in the entry way. We always post and send home notices of any gym closings and schedule changes.

What if my child has an open wound or wart?

      Any student with a pre-existing open wound must have the wound appropriately

      bandaged prior to the start of class. Any student with a wart must have the wart 

      completely covered. If the wart is on the foot, a bandage and sock is



      A student with an uncovered open wound or wart will NOT be allowed to participate

      for the health of others in the gym. They may observe from the side.


      If the student wishes to participate, the wound or wart must be appropriately

      cleaned and covered by the parent. 

How do I find out if classes are cancelled due to weather?
     In case of snow, ice, or severe cold weather, we will notify WISN  and WTMJ to

     broadcast a closing bulletin, post on Facebook, and on our website. We cannot

     accommodate make-up classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

     Salto Gymnastics Center, Inc will not be responsible for errors broadcast on radio or


What if my schedule changes and my child can not attend any of the classes in the session?

     We will credit your account towards future classes. This credit can be used

     by any family member who wish to take classes. The registration fee is non-


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