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What is NinjaZone?


NinjaZone is a fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement.


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Children will learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.


A progressive level system evaluates and advances children on their skill level and knowledge of core values as described in the NinjaZone creed.


Children advance and learn at their own pace. The levels of NinjaZone are defined by the headband colors of White, Yellow, Green, and Blue.


A uniform is required for class and may be ordered through the front office at time of registration (we are unable to return or refund uniforms). When a student moves up to the next level, a new headband and wristband will be required in the new color. 


Class size will be 6 students to 1 instructor. 


How to Register:

You can register online through the Brookfield Parent Portal.  When registering, please indicate the uniform size needed (size will be T-shirt size, there will be samples to try on in the office if needed) in the comments section. The uniform cost is an additional $30.


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