Policies and Gym Rules

Parent/Guardian Roles:

  1. Communicate with your child’s instructor or coach.  We encourage communication between teacher and parent. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher by phone; Brookfield – (262) 782-3430, West – (262) 549-3344 or direct your questions to the office. We encourage you to share any and all ideas you might have for our program. Our program cannot grow unless there is open communication between teacher and parent.
  2. Let the instructor do the teaching. We ask that you do not coach your child from the sidelines as this only serves to distract your child and disrupt the flow of the class.
  3. Keep siblings occupied. Only those students who are participating in a class are permitted in the gym.
  4. Be on time for class beginning/ending. Gymnasts should be picked up when their class is over. We are not responsible for them before or after their scheduled class time.
  5. Check with your child for handouts. Also, be sure to read the signs posted in the entry way. We always post and send home notices of any gym closings and schedule changes.


The class fee is due in full on the day of registration.  Payments may be made at the office, by mail or online using the Parent Portal.  In the event of a past due account, a $25 late fee will be added to your balance.


Refund Policy

Refunds will be given for instances of moving, long-term illness, or injury. This must be requested in writing, along with a doctor's note for illness or injury. If not a case of moving, illness or injury,  we will credit your account towards future classes. This credit can be used by any family member who wish to take classes. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Open Wounds/Warts

Any student with a pre-existing open wound must have the wound appropriately bandaged prior to the start of class by a parent/guardian. Any student with a wart must have the wart completely covered. If the wart is on the foot, a bandage and sock is recommended. A student with an uncovered open wound or wart will NOT be allowed to participate for the health of others in the gym. They may observe from the side.

If the student wishes to participate, the wound or wart must be appropriately cleaned and covered by the parent/guardian.


Gym Rules:

  1. NO street shoes should be worn on the carpeted areas of the gym floor.
  2. NO food or drink allowed on the gym floor. NO gum chewing during class.
  3. Do not use apparatus without qualified supervision. Before or after classes, gymnasts should stay off the apparatus.
  4. Before mounting apparatus, make sure it is properly adjusted and secured. Make sure that sufficient mats and appropriate landing space is available. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  5. Use proper conditioning and warm up exercises before attempting new and/or vigorous moves.
  6. Attempt new skills in proper progression. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  7. When attempting a new or difficult skill, a qualified spotter should be used. When in doubt, always use a spotter. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  8. Caution: Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height, may cause serious accidental injury.
  9. Dismounts from apparatus require proper landing techniques. Do not land on head or back as serious injury may result.
  10. Any skill involving the inversion of the body could be dangerous and cause serious neck or head injury.
  11. Keep your hands dry with chalk at all times.
  12. Keep excess chalk in the box.

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